Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Heading Home

I am currently sitting in London Heathrow Airport, killing time before the final leg of my journey home. It always seems a little surreal to think that, only a few short hours ago, I was sitting in Accra, killing time waiting to start this same journey. While every trip to Ghana has been unique and different, this one was particularly so. Waiting for others, waiting for drivers, waiting for interviews, waiting for the internet, waiting for electricity, waiting for hot water...I spent a lot of time feeling alone and isolated. Not necessarily a bad thing, just different. But in the end, it was the relationships forged in previous visits that were the sweetest part of the trip. I have attached pictures of a few Doris' nieces and nephew who share a house with the Donker family.  The older ones remembered me and enveloped me into their lives, regardless of how short the time I was there. The littlest one finally let me hold her by the end of my visit, having spend the majority of time crying every time she saw me! 

Thank you for sharing this part of the journey with me. My hope is that I will continue to blog stories of the pictures that I am processing, both of Ghana and home.